How to use Private Area

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Use the options in the menu to navigate by the Private Area
Login page

Interested therapists can register in Private Area to obtain more detailed information about their patients gait and to manage this information in a friendly way.
Please follow the following instructions to use Private Area:

  • Register in the Private Area by using the Register option.
  • Use Subscription to obtain your Therapist Code and Password. Copy these values in the phone, in the corresponding Settings of the APP.
  • Use Patients to create a New patient. Copy from this page the Patient Code into the corresponding APP Setting. Note that a first patient with code 123456V is already available in APP and Private Area.
  • Perform a test session and use Send button in the APP to send this data to your Private Area.
  • Push on the Patient code in the list of your Patients to access the results of this last test. We have labeled each test by using its date-time.
  • Use the option Report to obtain a printable report with detailed information about the patient gait. Please follow this link to see an example of detailed report.